THAT BURNING DESIRE fueled by a commitment to excellence, inspiration, passion, compassion, purpose, and a desire to make a positive, life-changing difference in the life of at least one person can yield wealth that extends far beyond financial gain.  This is the type of wealth that makes everything you’ve gone through in life worth it because through it all, you’ve learned to value more than money.   Yet, financial wealth without a burning desire including these priceless intangibles can feel like poverty: malnourished in substance; underprivileged in healthy relationships; lacking in integrity; deficient in morality, destitute in spirit; and living daily in a distressed environment.  So when you make the claim that you “want it all”, make sure your “all” includes inspiration, passion, compassion, purpose, commitment to excellence and a grateful heart (the Creator honors a grateful heart).  The burning desire is what makes financial wealth truly enjoyable.  The burning desire is your motivation, energy and the tenacity needed for you to remain in a wealthy and healthy state of mind regardless of what the financial report says. © P. Reaves 2011